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High Solids Polyurethane

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New 2nd generation two part Randolph polyurethane combines ease of application with excellent hiding qualities, chemical resistance, flexibility, and durability. Spraying properties are excellent with good leveling, flow out, and absence of texturing or orange peel. CATALYST is ordered separately. Use catalyst part number: AUCAT-PT (pint), -QT (quart) or -GAL (gallon). Mixture ratio: 2 parts color to 1 part catalyst. Reduce with G4200. Pot life: around 6 hours. Full cure: 8 days. UPS ground shipping only.

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B-3534AU-QT {quote} MADRID RED 1 quart
B-4243AU-QT {quote} Juneau White 1 quart
B-9163AU-QT {quote} Colorado red 1 quart
B-9916AU-QT {quote} Reno gold 1 quart
C-2065AU-QT {quote} Ocala orange 1 quart
D-9270AU-QT {quote} Ag cat yellow 1 quart
E-6427AU-QT {quote} Aeronca 7AC yellow 1 quart
E-6428AU-QT {quote} Aeronca 7AC orange 1 quart
F-2406AU-QT {quote} Federal green 1 quart
F-5830 AU-QT {quote} Montego green 1 quart
F-7790AU-QT {quote} Ag cat gray 1 quart
H-9170AU-QT {quote} BAHAMA BLUE 1 quart
J-9555AU-QT {quote} Cadillac red 1 quart
K-7641AU-QT {quote} Vestal white 1 quart
M-9501AU-QT {quote} An orange yellow 1 quart
M-9512AU-QT {quote} Lemon Yellow 1 quart
M-9514AU-QT {quote} Metallic silver 1 quart
M-9518AU-QT {quote} Diana cream 1 quart
M-9521AU-QT {quote} Lockhaven yellow 1 quart
M-9526AU-QT {quote} CRUISER ORANGE 1 quart
M-9530AU-QT {quote} Vermillion red 1 quart
N-3353AU-QT {quote} FEDERAL YELLOW 1 quart
P-8600AU-QT {quote} Cessna tiger orange 1 quart
Q-1050AU-QT {quote} New insignia white 1 quart
Q-1916AU-QT {quote} INSIGNIA WHITE 1 quart
R-4869AU-QT {quote} OLIVE DRAB 1 quart
R-4870AU-QT {quote} Neutral gray 1 quart
R-8174AU-QT {quote} Platinum gray 1 quart
R-8175AU-QT {quote} SANDALWOOD 1 quart
W-3554AU-QT {quote} Lakeland Blue 1 quart
W-3665AU-QT {quote} PONTIAC RED 1 quart
W-8427AU-QT {quote} Metallic tampa green 1 quart
W-8430AU-QT {quote} Metallic newport blue 1 quart
W-9170AU-QT {quote} Tropic white 1 quart
W-9506AU-QT {quote} AN TRUE BLUE 1 quart
X-5260AU-QT {quote} Tucson cream 1 quart
X-5680AU-QT {quote} BOSTON MAROON 1 quart
X-5700AU-QT {quote} MIAMI BLUE 1 quart
X-5749AU-QT {quote} Stinson maroon 1 quart
Y-5783AU-QT {quote} Dallas yellow 1 quart
Y-6100AU-QT {quote} Polar gray 1 quart
Y-6350AU-QT {quote} FOREST GREEN 1 quart
Y-9775AU-QT {quote} Hickory brown 1 quart
Z-7245AU-QT {quote} SUN VALLEY IVORY 1 quart
F-6285AU-QT {quote} Cub J3 yellow 1 quart
H-6117AU-QT {quote} Black 1 quart
H-9150AU-QT {quote} SANTA FE RED 1 quart
J-9545AU-QT {quote} DAYTONA WHITE 1 quart
M-9502AU-QT {quote} INSIGNIA BLUE 1 quart
M-9522AU-QT {quote} TENNESSEE RED 1 quart
  Results 1 - 50 of 100 1 2