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Provides excellent solvent, chemical, abrasion and weather resistance. A tough, flexible, high gloss two part polyurethane enamel formulated especially for fabric covered aircraft surfaces and marine surfaces subjected to flexing loads. Recommended as a premium quality, high gloss fabric finish over Stits POLY-FIBER Covering Materials, and all primed metal and fiberglass components of fabric covered aircraft. May also be used to refinish suitably rejuvenated nitrate or butyrate dope fabric surfaces and sound synthetic enamel on fabric and metal surfaces. All cracked, peeling or brittle synthetic enamel finish should be removed. Colors filled to 3/4 full. Quarts and gallons must be sent UPS ground only. Shelf life is 4 years unopened.

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AO105-QT {quote} INSIGNIA WHITE 1 quart
AO110-QT {quote} Juneau White 1 quart
AO117-QT {quote} GLACIER WHITE 1 quart
AO120-QT {quote} DAYTONA WHITE 1 quart
AO125-QT {quote} Tucson cream 1 quart
AO131-QT {quote} Diana cream 1 quart
AO132-QT {quote} SUN VALLEY IVORY 1 quart
AO136-QT {quote} Lemon Yellow 1 quart
AO139-QT {quote} FEDERAL YELLOW 1 quart
AO140-QT {quote} Orange yellow 1 quart
AO142A-QT {quote} Eagle yellow orange 1 quart
AO143-QT {quote} CUB YELLOW 1 quart
AO145-QT {quote} Lockhaven yellow 1 quart
AO146-QT {quote} J3 oem yellow 1 quart
AO151-QT {quote} Everg lades green 1 quart
AO156-QT {quote} Portland green 1 quart
AO157-QT {quote} Cuby sport tr green 1 quart
AO160-QT {quote} FOREST GREEN 1 quart
AO165-QT {quote} Lakeland Blue 1 quart
AO170-QT {quote} BAHAMA BLUE 1 quart
AO173-QT {quote} AN TRUE BLUE 1 quart
AO176-QT {quote} INSIGNIA BLUE 1 quart
AO177-QT {quote} Eagle blue 1 quart
AO180-QT {quote} CRUISER ORANGE 1 quart
AO182-QT {quote} Pumpkin orange 1 quart
AO183-QT {quote} International orange 1 quart
AO187-QT {quote} Ce red 1 quart
AO189-QT {quote} MADRID RED 1 quart
AO190-QT {quote} TENNESSEE RED 1 quart
AO191-QT {quote} PONTIAC RED 1 quart
AO195-QT {quote} SANTA FE RED 1 quart
AO196-QT {quote} BOSTON MAROON 1 quart
AO197-QT {quote} Stinson maroon 1 quart
AO203-QT {quote} Elsinore brown 1 quart
AO205-QT {quote} Bermuda tan 1 gal
AO208-QT {quote} OLIVE DRAB 1 quart
AO210-QT {quote} Polar grey 1 quart
AO212-QT {quote} Oak green 1 quart
AO213-QT {quote} Ag cat grey 1 quart
AO213A-QT {quote} Federal grey 1 quart
AO215-QT {quote} Dakota black 1 quart
AO219-QT {quote} Jasper grey 1 quart
AO220M-QT {quote} Nevada silver 1 quart
AO222M-QT {quote} Rancho silver 1 quart
AO240-QT {quote} Champion yellow 1 quart
AO242-QT {quote} Ag cat yellow 1 quart
AO301M-QT {quote} Reno gold 1 quart
AO318M-QT {quote} Piper trainer blue 1 quart
AO350-QT {quote} Rainbow purple 1 quart
AO361-QT {quote} Eagle purple 1 quart
  Results 1 - 50 of 99 1 2