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Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breaker System

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VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System

When you’re flying an airplane, it’s critical to be able to monitor the status of your electrical system. If you have a glass cockpit, it’s even more critical. Only Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breaker systems give you the level of detail and control you need for today’s electric aircraft.

The VP-X (the X is pronounced “ex”) integrates with many popular EFIS products enabling you to monitor and control your entire electrical system on the EFIS display. In addition using the EFIS for attitude, navigation, and engine information, you now can use the EFIS display to monitor the health of your electrical system, view and control the status of individual circuits, and respond to circuit faults.

Vertical Power systems provide these capabilities through the use of our patented electronic circuit breaker (ECB) technology that is at the core of all of our products. Of course, ECBs provide circuit protection like old-fashion thermal circuit breakers, but ECBs do a lot more than just detect circuit faults. ECBs are intelligent, configurable, and offer capabilities not otherwise available with old-style breakers. For example, ECBs can detect a burned-out landing light or disable the starter circuit while the engine is running.

ECBs greatly simplify wiring while at the same time provide advanced electrical system capabilities. Wiring is simplified because you don’t have to install circuit breakers, bus bars, relays, trim and flap modules, shunts, e-bus diodes, or other complex wiring right on the back side of the instrument panel. Switch wiring is simplified because you can use smaller-gauge wire and wire one side to ground and the other side to the the VP-X. The advanced electrical system capabilities include solid-state power switching and circuit protection, open circuit detection, automatic landing light wig-wag, pilot and co-pilot trim control, runaway trim protection with backup trim controls on EFIS, flap control with intermediate flap stops, starter disable when engine running, flap over-speed alarms, trim and flap position display, over-voltage protection, alternator control and more. These advanced features along with the wiring harness kit give you a “quick-build” wiring experience.

The VP-X works in conjunction with many popular EFIS products so you can monitor and control your entire electrical system on the EFIS display in addition to attitude, moving map, and engine gauge pages. View circuit faults, circuit status, and trim & flap position.

Electronic circuit breakers are fully configurable to match your specific aircraft. You can set the circuit breaker value for each ECB, and you can assign which switch controls the ECB. And you can use any type of switch you want for the avionics master, boost pump, landing lights and other functions.

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