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Window Seal

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This new vent window seal is a departure from the foam rubber weather stripping commonly being used on all the Mooney vent windows. The new seal is made from the same FAA-PMA approved rubber compound as the door seals. It installs in exactly the same way as the original foam weather stripping on the vent window. The primary difference is the new seal will mold itself to the contour of the vent window and provide a long lasting, air- and water-tight seal like no other seal on the market. The seal is easy to install (with its own pressure sensitive adhesive strip). Please allow 1 week for delivery.

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500-1003 {QUOTE} Mooney MK20 Series
900-900-C120 {QUOTE} Cessna 120
900-900-C140 {QUOTE} Cessna 140
900-900-C150 {QUOTE} Cessna 150
900-900-C152 {QUOTE} Cessna 152
900-900-C172 {QUOTE} Cessna 172
900-900-C175 {QUOTE} Cessna 175
900-900-C180 {QUOTE} Cessna 180
900-900-C182 {QUOTE} Cessna 182
900-900-C185 {QUOTE} Cessna 185
900-900-C205 {QUOTE} Cessna 205
900-900-C206 {QUOTE} Cessna 206
900-900-C207 {QUOTE} Cessna 207
900-900-C210 {QUOTE} Cessna 210
900-900-C336 {QUOTE} Cessna 336
B131-B35 {QUOTE} Beech Model 3 5
B131-B36 {QUOTE} Beech Model 36 Early
B131-B50 {QUOTE} Beech Model 50
B131-B55 {QUOTE} Beech Model 55
B131-B58 {QUOTE} Beech Early Model 58
B131-B95 {QUOTE} Beech Model 95
B132-B36 {QUOTE} Beech Late Model 36
B132-B58 {QUOTE} Beech Late Model 58
B137-B19 {QUOTE} Beech Model 19
B137-B23 {QUOTE} Beech Model 23
B137-B33 {QUOTE} Beech Model 33
B137-B35 {QUOTE} Beech Model 35
B137-B36 {QUOTE} Beech Model 36
B137-B50 {QUOTE} Beech Model 50
B137-B55 {QUOTE} Beech Model 55
B137-B58 {QUOTE} Beech Model 58
B137-B76/77 {QUOTE} Beech Models 76/77
B137-B95 {QUOTE} Beech Model 95
B139-B33 {QUOTE} Beech Model 33
B139-B50 {QUOTE} Beech Model 50
B139-B55 {QUOTE} Beech Model 55
B139-B95 {QUOTE} Beech Model 95
P302-PA28 {QUOTE} PA-28
P302-PA28R {QUOTE} PA-28R
P302-PA3 2 {QUOTE} PA-32
P302-PA32R {QUOTE} PA-32R
P302-PA34 {QUOTE} PA-34
VWS-200-C177 {QUOTE} Cessna 177
VWS-200-C337 {QUOTE} Cessna 337
  Results 1 - 45 of 45 1