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Lift Strut Fairing

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These fairing kits consist of four wing strut fairings that slip over the lift struts. These fairings are better than those manufactured by Cessna because they are made of fiberglass rather than royalite type material, that bends and cracks after a short time on the aircraft. Fiberglass has the following advantages over a royalite type material, it is approximately six times stronger and 12 times stiffer, it resists ultraviolet light and weathers better, and it keeps its chemical composition intact much longer. With all these advantages these will probably be the last lift strut fairings that will ever have to be installed on the aircraft. And even should these fairings be damaged through some unforeseen circumstances, being made of fiberglass, they will be easily repairable. These fairings are all split so they slip over the lift strut thus eliminating the need to disconnect the lift strut to install the fairing. Cessna manufactured split lift strut fairings for only one model aircaft, and they cost $1,254.00 per ship set. If Cessna manufactured fiberglass split lift strut fairings they would charge at least $1,950.00 per ship set. With the average cost of Aircraft Development lift strut fairings, it is the same as getting a 71% discount off equivalent Cessna lift strut fairings, plus you're buying the fairings from the company that invented split strut fairings. Aircraft Development recommends, as with all plastics, they be painted for better UV protection. These kits have a FAA identicality approval and are manufactured under a FAA PMA authority.

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118-4-10 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 180, 182
118-4-11 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 180, 182
118-4-16 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 182
118-4-17 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 182
118-4-20 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 206, 210
118-4-21 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 206, 210
118-4-24 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 206
118-4-25 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 206
118-4-26 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 150 and 152
118-4-27 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 150 and 152
118-4-4 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 150,152,172
118-4-5 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 150,152,172
118-4-6 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 170,172
118-4-7 {QUOTE} Fuselage Cessna 170,172,175
118-4-8 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 180, 182
118-4-9 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 182
118-42 {QUOTE} Full Set Cessna Models 182E
118-62 {QUOTE} Full Set Cessna Models U206F
118-72 {QUOTE} Full Set Cessna Models 206
118-92 {QUOTE} Full Set Cessna 150 & 152
118-4-14 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 172
118-4-15 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 172
118-4-18 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 205, 206, 210
118-4-19 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 205, 206, 210
118-4-34 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 206
118-4-35 {QUOTE} Wing Cessna 206
  Results 1 - 26 of 26 1