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All Categories > Aircraft Fasteners & Hardware > Quarter Turn Fasteners > Airloc Stainless Fasteners > 4002 Series Airloc Fastener > View Items  
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4002 Series Airloc Fastener

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Stainless steel 1/4 turn studs. If total panel thickness is near top of thickness, next dash number is recommended. This series utilizes grommets which must be installed into the top panel. Dash 15 and shorter are self-captivating. Dash 16 and longer require a split retaining ring.

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Item #

List Price


Panel Thickness


AL4002-2S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.051 to 0.080 in {N/A}
AL4002-3S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.081 to 0.110 in {N/A}
AL4002-4S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.111 to 0.140 in {N/A}
AL4002-5S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.141 to 0.170 in {N/A}
AL4002-6S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.171 to 0.200 in {N/A}
AL4002-7S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.201 to 0.230 in {N/A}
AL4002-8S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.231 to 0.260 in {N/A}
AL4002-9S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.261 to 0.290 in {N/A}
AL4002-12S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.351 to 0.380 in {N/A}
AL4002-13S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.381 to 0.410 in {N/A}
AL4002-14S {QUOTE} Slotted 0.411 to 0.440 in {N/A}
AL40S5-2S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.051 to 0.080 in {N/A}
AL40S5-3S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.081 to 0.110 in {N/A}
AL40S5-4S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.111 to 0.140 in {N/A}
AL40S5-5S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.141 to 0.170 in {N/A}
AL40S5-6S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.171 to 0.200 in {N/A}
AL40S5-7S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.201 to 0.230 in {N/A}
AL40S5-8S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.231 to 0.260 in {N/A}
AL40S5-9S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.261 to 0.290 in {N/A}
AL40S5-10S {QUOTE} Phillips 0.291 to 0.320 in {N/A}
  Results 1 - 20 of 20 1