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4130 Chromoly Steel Sheet

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Sheets are made from quality steel melted to meet the rigid standards of the aircraft industry. Carefully rolled and inspected to be free from laminations, tears, pits, blisters and grooves. Specify grain direction on the 9 x 18 sheet. all other sizes run length of grain. Wicks can custom cut up to and including .125 for a nominal fee. ($5.00 minimum). Please note crating fees. Order SH then thickness and size - 41. Please keep in mind when ordering foam sheeting, wood & metal products. Shipping cost is determined by the package dimensional size or weight, depending on the greater amount. The material may weigh ounces but due to size of package it may be charged at the 70 to 90 pound rate or greater check out the web at www.fedex.com also see our order info section on our web site- regaurding oversize and additional handling fees.

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SH025X18X18-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH025X18X24-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH025X18X72-41 4130 Steel Sheet Cr N {quote}
SH025X6X72-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH025X9X18-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH025X9X9-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH032X18X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH032X18X24-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH032X18X36-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH032X18X72-41 4130 Steel Sheet, Cr, N {quote}
SH032X6X36-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH032X6X72-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH032X9X18-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH032X9X9-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH040X18X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH040X18X24-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH040X18X36-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH040X18X72-41 4130 Sheet Steel, Cr, N {quote}
SH040X6X36-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH040X9X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH040X9X9-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH050X18X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH050X18X24-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH050X18X72-41 4130 Sheet Steel, Cr, N {quote}
SH050X6X36-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH050X6X72-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH050X9X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH050X9X9-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH063X18X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel, Hr, N {quote}
SH063X18X24-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH063X18X72-41 4130 Sheet Steel, Hr, N {quote}
SH063X6X36-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH063X6X72-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH063X9X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH063X9X9-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH090X18X18-41 4130 Steel Sheet $38.17
SH071X18X24-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH071X18X72-41 4130 Steel Sheet, Hr, N {quote}
SH071X6X36-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH071X9X18-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH071X9X9-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH080X18X18-41 4130 Sheet Stl {quote}
SH080X18X24-41 4130 Sheet Stl {quote}
SH080X18X72-41 4130 Steel Sht, Hr, N {quote}
SH080X6X36-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH080X6X72-41 4130 Steel Sheet {quote}
SH080X9X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH080X9X9-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
SH090X18X18-41 4130 Sheet Steel $38.17
SH090X18X24-41 4130 Sheet Steel {quote}
  Results 1 - 50 of 78 1 2