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Osprey Aircraft Kit

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The Osprey is a two-place amphibian with retractable landing gear. Construction is all wood, being built much like a large model airplane. The wings just outboard of the main gear are removable for towing and home storage. Side by- side seating provides the hull width necessary for adequate flotation and efficient water performance. The sloping canopy was designed to allow a smooth airflow into the propeller and provide good visibility. The Osprey II was designed to be built, in its entirety, in a home workshop with no molds required other than the engine cowling. The Osprey was designed by George Pereira.

Note: Materials subject to "Designer" Changes and Adjustments. Listing givent to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.

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OP100-029 $3.12 Screw Kit
OP100-027 $9.18 Close Tolerance Kit
OP100-024 $9.32 Thimbles Kit
OP100-025 $15.70 Nicopress Kit
OP100-032 $26.78 Flat Washer Kit
OP100-016 $32.16 6061-T6 Aluminum Angle
OP100-030 $43.72 Clevis Pin Kit
OP100-020 $45.52 Forged Clevis Kit
OP100-021 $76.16 Bellcrank Bearing Kit
OP100-026 $76.40 Eyebolt Kit
OP100-037 $100.92 Landing Gear Spring
OP100-006 $101.86 Foam
OP100-033 $107.89 Stainless Control Cable
OP100-034 $154.92 Nosewheel Kit
OP100-013 $174.51 4130 Steel Sheet
OP100-017 $183.48 Turnbuckle Kit
OP100-019 $188.87 Rod End Stud Kit
OP100-015 $236.69 2024-T3/6061-T6 Aluminum
OP100-014 $238.27 2024-T3 Aluminum Tubing
OP100-031 $254.79 Nut Kit
OP100-038 $264.72 Wing Tank Kit
OP100-022 $275.40 Pulley Kit
OP100-012 $296.70 4130 Streamline
OP100-028 $320.23 An Bolt Kit
OP100-004 $345.49 Fiberglass
OP100-023 $366.30 Cable Shackle Kit
OP100-011 $421.68 4130 Steel Tubing
OP100-010 $724.65 Fabric Covering
OP100-018 $1,182.03 Rod End Bearings Kit
OP100-036 $1,236.45 Magnesium Wheel & Brake
OP100-035 $1,794.89 Aluminum Wheel & Brake
OP100-003 $2,026.75 Plywood
OP100-001 $2,403.80 Spruce Wood
  Results 1 - 33 of 33 1