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Long Eze Aircraft Kit

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The LongEZE is specifically developed for efficient, high speed, long range traveling with room for two adults and plenty of baggage. The Longe-Easy is a small, high performance, high utility homebuilt sport plane. While recommended mainly for Day-VFR operation, competent pilots can also equip it for night and IFR flying. Power plant is either the 0-235 Lycoming or the 0-200 Continental. It has an alternator-powered electrical system and can be equipped with electric engine starter. It is very solid, stable airplant that has responsive ailerons, good turbulence response, excellent "hands-off" stability and safe stall characteristics. It can be maneuvered sharply, even to full aft stick, without fear of stall or spin. Using all the customer prefab parts the competent builder can build a Long-Easy in as little as 800 man hours. Without using any of the parts his building time would exceed 1500 hours.

Note: Materials subject to "Designer" Changes and Adjustments. Listing givent to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.

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List Price


LE-CHPT-4 $415.92 Fuselage Bulkhead
LE-CHPT-5 $589.35 Fuselage Sides
LE-CHPT-6 $175.38 Fuselage Assembly
LE-CHPT-7 $138.32 Fuselage Exterior
LE-CHPT-8 $495.01 Rollover & Structure
LE-CHPT-10 $598.32 Canard Construction
LE-CHPT-11 $94.69 Elevator
LE-CHPT-12 $38.00 Canard Installation
LE-CHPT-13 $423.77 Nose Gear
LE-CHPT-14 $1,591.16 Center Section Spar
LE-CHPT-15 $1,220.40 Firewall Accessories
LE-CHPT-16 $675.66 Control System
LE-CHPT-17 $38.33 Pitch and Roll Trim
LE-CHPT-18 $291.67 Canopy
LE-CHPT-19 $1,712.36 Wing Aileron Attach
LE-CHPT-20 $164.19 Winglets and Rudders
LE-CHPT-21 $436.49 Strake Fuel and Baggage
LE-CHPT-23 $52.65 Engine Installation
LE-CHPT-24 $58.78 Covers Fairing Console
  Results 1 - 19 of 19 1