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6061-T6 Aluminum Sheet

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Bare aluminum sheet has tensile strength: 42,000 psi, yield strength: 37,000 psi. This grade is used of a wide variety of products and applications from truck bodies and frames to screw machine parts and structural components. Sheet .032 and under may be rolled for UPS shipping. Rolled sheet is not returnable. Has PVC covering on one side. Please note crating fees.

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SH016-T6 .016 6061-T6 Al Sheet Per Sqft {QUOTE}
SH016X2X4-T6 .016X2X4 6061-T6 Al Sht Bare {QUOTE}
SH016X4X12-T6 .016 6061-T6 Bare Al Sht W/Pv {QUOTE}
SH016X4X4-T6 .016X4X4 6061-T6 Al Sht Bare {QUOTE}
SH016X4X6-T6 .016X4X6 6061-T6 Al Sht Bare {QUOTE}
SH016X4X8-T6 .016X4X8 6061-T6 Al Sht Bare {QUOTE}
SH020-T6 .020 Sqft 6061-T6 Aluminum Bare {QUOTE}
SH020X2X4-T6 .020X2X4-6061-T6 Aluminum Bare {QUOTE}
SH020X4X12-T6 .020X4X12 6061-T6 Al Sht,Bare {QUOTE}
SH020X4X4-T6 .020 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 Bare {QUOTE}
SH020X4X6-T6 .020X4X6 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH020X4X8-T6 .020X4X8 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH025-T6 .025 T6 Al Sheet Sq Ft {QUOTE}
SH025X2X4-T6 .025 6061-T6 Al Sheet {QUOTE}
SH025X4X12-T6 6061 T6, Bare W/Pvc Ams4027 {QUOTE}
SH025X4X4-T6 .025 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH025X4X6-T6 .025 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH025X4X8-T6 .025 6061-T6 Bare W/Pvc {QUOTE}
SH032-T6 .032 6061-T6 Al Sheet {QUOTE}
SH032X2X4-T6 .032 6061-T6 Al Sheet {QUOTE}
SH032X4X12-T6 6061-T6 Al Sht,Bare,Pvc/1S {QUOTE}
SH032X4X4-T6 .032 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH032X4X6-T6 .032 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH032X4X8-T6 .032 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH040-T6 .040 6061-T6 Al Sheet {QUOTE}
SH040X2X4-T6 .040 6061-T6 Al Sheet {QUOTE}
SH040X4X12-T6 6061-T6 Al Sht,Bare {QUOTE}
SH040X4X4-T6 .040 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 Bare {QUOTE}
SH040X4X6-T6 040 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH040X4X8-T6 .040 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH050-T6 .050 6061-T6 square ft {QUOTE}
SH050X2X4-T6 .050 6061-T6 Al Ts-45,Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH050X4X12-T6 .050 6061-T6 Al,Bare,Pvc 1S {QUOTE}
SH050X4X4-T6 .050 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH050X4X6-T6 .050 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH050X4X8-T6 .050 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH063-T6 .0636061-T6 Al Ts-45,Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH063X2X4-T6 .063 6061-T6 Al Ts-45,Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH063X4X12-T6 .063 6061-T6 Al,Bare,Pvc/1S {QUOTE}
SH063X4X4-T6 .063 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH063X4X6-T6 .063 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH063X4X8-T6 .063 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH080-T6 6061-T6 Al Sht Ts-45,Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH080X2X4-T6 6061-T6 Al Sht Ts-45,Ys-45 {QUOTE}
SH080X4X12-T6 6061-T6 Al Sht,Bare,Pvc/1S {QUOTE}
SH080X4X4-T6 .080 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH080X4X6-T6 .080 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH080X4X8-T6 .080 6061-T6 Ts-45 Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH090-T6 6061-T6 Al Sheet Ts-45,Ys-40 {QUOTE}
SH090X2X4-T6 6061-T6 Al Sht Ts-45,Ys-40 {QUOTE}
  Results 1 - 50 of 78 1 2