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All Categories > Pilot Supplies > Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breaker System > Item # VPX-SPORT  
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Item # VPX-SPORT, VP-X Sport

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Image Includes VP-X Sport system and mounting brackets. Either a wiring harness kit or connector-only kit is required with the VP-X system.


Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breaker systems offer you a new way to wire and fly your experimental aircraft. Wiring is simplified by using a centralized, fault-tolerant Control Unit to control electrical power to the devices and contactors on your aircraft. Most switches, circuit breakers, and various modules are replaced by modern, solid-state circuitry. Routine pilot tasks are handled by a patent-pending, microprocessor-controlled system that allows you to spend more time flying with your head outside the cockpit.

You have full control of your electrical system. And detailed information about each individual circuit.

You have complete flexibility to change and upgrade your electrical system and the way it operates.

And it’s easier to install and does more than a traditional aircraft electrical system, yet it’s based on time-honored system designs.

Wiring with Vertical Power

Wiring your airplane is a serious project. No one can make it easy, but we can make it a lot easier. We provide complete instructions, how-to guides, tool rentals, wiring harnesses and wiring diagrams to assist with your project. Download the documents here.

Wiring with the VP-X:

Safety Features

Runaway Trim Protection: If your trim switch sticks or one of the switch wires shorts, you can stop the trim from running by pressing the opposite trim button. Soon the trim switches are automatically disabled and you can use the backup trim switches.

Flap Overspeed Protection: The VP systems won’t let you overspeed your flaps. You can set the maximum speed at which the flap down switch works, and receive an alarm if you exceed the aircraft’s Vfe speed with the flaps down.

Backup Circuits: You can easily wire backup circuits for critical instruments, providing an additional layer of safety. Backup circuits allow you to create a totally separate and independent power path.

Wig-Wag the Landing Lights: This provides additional visibility in the air, and the lights can automatically go steady below a certain airspeed providing additional safety near the ground.

Current Fault Alerts: Know right when a landing light burns out, not at your next pre-flight. The system can detect when a device is not drawing any current and should be.

Audio Alerts for Electrical Failures: An alarm in your headset, as well as a visual display, alerts you when an electrical failure occurs so you know exactly when it happens. With fuses or breakers, you may not notice the failure until you actually need the failed device.

Dual Solid-State Switches on Critical Circuits: Additional safety is built into critical functions like the trim, flaps, and starter circuits to mitigate the risk of hardware failures causing inadvertent activation.

Help Me

Many of our customers have lots of electrical system questions including planning, alternator selection, wire sizing, crimping, load shedding, bus architecture, and all the little things that come up along the way. We’re here to help you through the entire planning, building and testing processes. And the installation and operating manuals are very thorough.

We strongly emphasize electrical system planning before you do any actual wiring. This leads to fewer problems and a more reliable electrical system down the road, which ultimately enhances safety. It’s much easier to change a wiring diagram than the actual wiring in a plane.

The Vertical Power Advantage

Here are some reasons to consider a modern, solid-state electrical system for your experimental aircraft:

Simplifies Wiring Wiring is simplified because you run power wires from the Vertical Power system directly to the electrical devices that need power such as the avionics, flaps, trim motors & switches, and contactors.

Clean and Simple Panel For those who value a clean, clutter-free instrument panel, the Vertical Power system goes a long way towards helping you achieve this goal.

Reduces Parts Count and Complexity You don’t have to buy fuse blocks, diodes, circuit breakers, most switches, over-voltage & under-voltage modules, trim modules, voltage converters, relay decks, indicators, annunciator lights, mechanical engine gauges, key switches, flap controllers, dimmers, or landing gear disable systems. No more complex wiring diagrams. Fewer connections and mechanical components means fewer opportunities for failure.

Advanced Features Without complex wiring or additional modules, you can incorporate advanced features into your aircraft like reduced trim sensitivity at speed, auto trim compensation when lowering flaps, intermediate flap settings, wig-wagging the landing lights, automatic switching to the backup alternator, configurable load-shedding, disabled landing gear on the ground, and alerts when the landing & taxi lights fail.

Rapid Emergency Detection and Response You are notified of electrical faults with voice and visual alarms. And when you need to respond to an emergency, Vertical Power makes it easy to find information and reset breakers.

Makes Changes Easier Thinking about adding a backup alternator or installing a new electrical device in the future? Need to change a circuit breaker value? Want to change what is on your emergency bus? With little or no wiring you can make these changes using the on-screen setup menus.

Convenience Features Automatic wig-wag of the landing lights. Automatic variable speed trim. Automatic stater circuit disable when the engine is running. To name just a few.

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