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Item # ULTRA EFIS, AvMap Avionics

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Ultra EFIS

9 Instruments in 1!

Save space, weight and money.
Only 3.74” x 3.74”,  Only 230 g (8.1 oz)

Ultra powerful, packed with everything you need

  • 3.5” ultra bright LCD

  • GPS 

  • Solid state 3-axis gyro

  • 3-axis accelerometer

  • 3-axis magnetic field sensor

  • Pitot and Static air data sensors

  • UAV motion processor and sensor fusion software

  • Preloaded with Jeppesen database (APT, VOR, NDB)

  • AvMap Ultra EFIS connects to the aircraft Pitot - Static system

  • When connected to the Pitot-Static, Ultra provides Air Data and advanced performance!
  • PFD and HSI pages

    The AvMap Ultra can display on the 3.5” LCD two different pages: PFD and HSI. Change Page by using the rotor knob.

    The PFD screen displays the ADAHRS data: Air Data, Attitude, Heading Reference System

    The HSI screen display: Current position, Heading Distance, Direction,  Radials relative to reference navigation points, Approximate wind data.

    Your Navigation back-up!

    The AvMap Ultra also provides navigation back-up: in the HSI screen you can select from the preloaded Jeppesen Database an Airport, a VOR station or NDB transmitter as your navigation point.

    The Ultra EFIS contains an internal world magnetic model that allows it to calculate the local magnetic deviation and dip. The Ultra EFIS can calculate current position and ground speed even in the absence of GPS.




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