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All Categories > Aviation Books & Textbooks > Aviation Books of Interest > Item # 120-1  
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Item # 120-1, Fly to Use Less Fuel Kit

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120-1 “FLY TO USE LESS FUEL”. This booklet gives a simple method of determining the important critical working speeds of any propeller powered aircraft. These speeds are not given in the pilot’s aircraft manuals. It explains the working speeds of the aircraft in simple to understand graphics, no complicated mathematical formulas used. And what’s even better there’s no need to do a time consuming flight test program to determine the working speeds of your aircraft. This booklet gives simple multiplication factors, based on cruising speed of the aircraft, to determine the critical working speeds of your aircraft. For example when low on fuel what speed should the aircraft be flown to get the most miles per gallon of fuel? Should the speed for most miles per gallon of fuel be changed for a head or tail wind? When low on fuel and loitering over an airport waiting for the ground fog to clear what speed should the aircraft be flown to get the most time per gallon of fuel? This booklet gives the answer to those questions, plus the booklet allows the pilot to determine several other critical airspeeds that can be important to the pilot. Such as, steepest climb speed, best rate of climb speed from 0 to 5,000 ft., best rate of climb speed from 5,000 to 10,000 ft., speed of slowest decent power off, speed of shallowest glide. Flying your aircraft using the techniques described in this booklet will save on the cost of fuel, an item that will only continue to escalate in cost as time goes by. This booklet comes with an adhesive backed placard to list the working airspeeds of your aircraft.


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