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Metal Preparation

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Alodine Conditioner 1201-QT

Alodine Conditioner 1201

Brush-on chemical to condition aluminum for paint, to improve paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. After precleaning with Alumiprep #33, apply full strength with brush or sponge. Rinse with water and surface is ready for painting. The visible coating leaves the surface with a golden coloration. One quart treats approximately 100 square feet. Meets Mil-C-5541B, Class 1A, Method B. Store above 40 degrees.
Touch N Prep Pen TNP1132

Touch N Prep Pen

A specially formulated conversion coating for metals developed for dry-in-place application. First thoroughly clean the surface with a Scotch- Brite pad, rinse with water, wipe dry, and then apply a thin, wet coat using overlapping strokes. Air drying leaves a clean, residue free surface ready for painting; no rinsing or wiping required. Coverage for light-moderate coat: 35-50 sf. Shelf life: 24 mos unopened. (12 mos opened, not to exceed 24 mos total) Meets MIL-DTL-81706A, Cls 1A & 3. NOT hazardous ships by any method. Pen contains 40 milliliters(1.35 ounces).
Alumiprep Brush 33-QT

Alumiprep Brush 33

Brush on chemical to clean, brighten and remove oxidation from aluminum. Prepares aluminum for painting and welding. Brightens and cleans badly corroded aluminum to its natural appearance. Ground shipping only. Continental US only.
Alodine Conditioner 1001

Alodine Conditioner 1001

Brush-on chemical to condition aluminum for a clear finish and corrosion resistance. Maintains the original aluminum appearance. The invisible coat provides corrosion proofing to the brightened aluminum surface and also acts as a barrier against continued corrosion. Store above 40 degrees. Note: more than 1 quart requires hazardous shipping fee. Must be sent via ground shipping.
Prekote Pretreatment PK1002

Prekote Pretreatment

PreKote is a non-hazardous, non-toxic alternative to chromate conversion coatings. Offering superior paint adhesion, improved paint flexibility & advanced corrosion protection, it can reduce paint preparation time & costs by up to 40% over traditional chromated conversion coating processes. Simple 3 step process requires only a hand or air sprayer, fine aluminum oxide pads, a lint-free cloth & water for application. May be used on aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel, composite & many plastics. Coverage w/low volume sprayer: 200-300 sf/gal. Approved by U.S. DOD & Boeing. Ships hazmat free.
Flameproof Coating

Flameproof Coating

Used by NASA on the space shuttle to withstand high re-entry temperatures, this proven ceramic-based silicone coating is designed to renew and extend the life of exhaust systems. It will withstand temperatures to 1500F, while allowing heat and moisture to pass through the metal and coating to prevent rust formation. No primer is required. Dries tack-free in 15-30 min. Heat curing (or the heat produced under normal engine operation) provides maximum resistance to solvents, salt-spray, and humidity. 11 oz aerosol. ORM-D Requires ground shipping only.
Self Etching Aerosol Primer5111

Self Etching Aerosol Primer

A pre-treatment primer that chemically etches itself to aluminum, bare steel, & galvanized steel. Creates a superior bond to most surfaces to provide excellent corrosion protection and superb adhesion for additional coatings. May be sanded after 1 hr, and recoated after 2 hrs. 19 oz aerosol by Mar-Hyde. ORM-D Requires UPS ground shipping only.
Zinc Chromate Sanding Primer

Zinc Chromate Sanding Primer

A quick-dry, sandable primer specially formulated to fill scratches or pin holes caused by sanding or fillers on metals, fiberglass, wood, and most plastics. (Also recommended where substrates tend to flex) Both prepares the surface for the finish coat and forms a strong corrosion barrier. Use under any acrylic, lacquer, enamel, or epoxy finish coats. Zinc Chromate Yellow. 11 oz aerosol. ORM-D Requires ground shipping only.