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Fuel Supplies

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Flop Tube

Gascolators, Pumps, Filters & Adaptors

Bolt In Fuel Cap

Fuel Caps

Red Fuel Lever

Sealants, Tank Coatings & Lubrications

Fuel Warning Switch

Fuel Gauges

Pipe Thread Valve

Fuel Valves

Essex Fuel Primer

Essex Fuel Primer

Leak-proof fuel primer with 1/8" internal pipe thread inlet and outlet ports. Overall length 3-7/8", weight 2.3-oz.
Finger Strainger

Finger Strainger

Finger strainers for fuel tank outlets. Brass fitting has 3/8" male pipe thread which fits AN867-3 flange, and 1/4" female thread (FS- 375) or 1/8" female thread (FS-375-125) for valve or fuel line fittings. Screen is 16 mesh brass.
AN867 Welding Flange

AN867 Welding Flange

Flanges can be welded into aluminum gas tanks or bonded into composite tanks
Banjo Fitting

Banjo Fitting

AN6 banjo fitting used as replacement for standard straight fittings found on FS20 fuel valves and 3/8" gascolators made by Andair. Fitting may be 360 degrees and then locked in position. Great help for installation in tight spaces.
Proseal Fuel Metal Tank

Proseal Fuel Metal Tank

A filleting elastomeric compound for sealing integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins. It was especially developed for use over a temperature range of -65° to +275°F and provides outstanding resistance to aircraft fuels (aviation gasoline or jet fuel) and petroleum base lubricating oils. Cures at room temperature and without shrinkage to form a resilient sealant possessing excellent adhesion to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel and numerous other materials. 890 Class B UPS Ground shipping only.
Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge

Fuelhawk Fuel Gauge

Used to determine usable fuel remaining in tank, amount of fuel to be added before reaching gross weight limit, and the accuracy of aircraft fuel gauges. Simple to use, it gives an instant readout in gallons. Easily calibrated for use with any aircraft's main and auxiliary tanks. Comes complete with graph and calibration card. Clear, lightweight, and unbreakable.