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Filter Cutters, Kits & Tools

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Oil Filter Cutter

Oil Filter Cutter

Oil Filter Media Cutter

Oil Filter Media Cutter

This patented tool is designed to hold Champion Aerospace brand Aviation oil filter spools, and to allow cutting the paper filter media at each end of the spool without holding the filter spool by hand. Using this tool reduces the risk of cutting one's hands while cutting the filter media as well as reducing the time necessary to accomplish this task. The filter media is rotated in a special holder that is supported by roller bearings. A knife with a hand lapped, retractable safety cover is brought into position to make a clean cut of the filter media at each end. The filter media can then be removed for inspection.
Oil Filter Holder

Oil Filter Holder

The FH-2000 Oil Filter Holder is designed to hold all Champion Aviation Oil Filters for cutting. Some benefits are: strong cast aluminum construction, Provides a more stable platform for cutting, Residual oil stays in the cup-not on the floor, Allows the use of most brands of oil filter cutters, Less wear and tear on your cutter tool.

Oil Remote Kits

Lyc Filter Conversion Kit

Conversion Kits


Tempest Oil Filter Wrench

  • The Tempest oil filter torque ratchet wrench is a great addition to any aviation mechanics toolbox. The Tempest Torque Wrench has a 1 inch box end which allows ...