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EarthX Batteries

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ATV-UTV Batteries


Why an EarthX lithium batteries for an ATV or an UTV? The most important feature for an ATV/UTV rider is the capability of the lithium battery to sit for months and still be ready to go! And there is no harsh effect on storing your vehicle outdoors all winter since a lithium battery will not be effected by cold storage. No trickle charging needed and if you ever need to charge the battery, it is fully charged in less than 2 hours! Not to mention it can last up to 8 years.



Motorcycle Batteries


Why an EarthX lithium battery for your motorcycle? Take off up to 80% of the weight from a lead acid battery! Lasts up to 8 years! Can sit an entire off season if you have a bike that doesn’t have a draw on the battery like a dirt bike. Unfortunately, the bikes like a Harley Touring have a draw on the battery at all times so you will have to put it on a tender if you are going to let it sit for months. Super fast charging, 2 hours or less! Not to mention you’ll be the owner of the most advanced technology lithium battery on the market that is engineered and manufactured in America!

If you have a vintage bike, you must have a modern regulator that keeps the voltage between 13.8V-14.7V or do not use a lithium ...


Scooter Batteries

Why an EarthX lithium battery for your scooter? If you are tired of replacing your lead acid battery every season….or more often…. our lithium can last up to 8 years. Maintenance free, no charging needed even it is sits for 6 months! Plus is it 80% lighter and is using modern technology!

Race Cars/Automobiles Batteries

Removing weight in a race car is very important and this battery weighs only 7.7 pounds but delivers 600CCA and 1000PCA on a warm day! This battery is designed to work with an alternator that is 120 amps or less.

Snowmobile Batteries


If you are purchasing this battery for a snowmobile, please be aware that results will vary depending on make, model, year and maintenance level of your sled. All batteries lose cranking amps in cold weather and some sleds will have no issues starting at -25F and some might have problems at -5F, depending on how many cranking amps is required to turn your engine. What is unique about a lithium battery is you can easily warm up the internal components by putting a current through the battery, such as when you attempt to start your sled. We recommend no more than 10 seconds attempt to start your sled, wait one minute, then try and start your sled again. Each time you do this, a current will run through the battery and warm it up ...