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Drills & Aircraft Accessories

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Quick Change Disc Holder and Sanding Disc

Quick Change Disc Holder and Sanding Disc

1/4" shank fits most die grinders or drill motors. The latest abrasive technology allows you to change disc in one turn motion. Holders and discs are sold separately. Different size holders and discs in 40,60,80 and 100 grits. 25 discs per set. Discs are 2 ply aluminum ox-
Malco TSHD Turboshear Heavy-Duty

Aircraft Turboshear

Malco TSDC Drill Clamp Assembly

Turboshear Drill Clamp

The malco No. TSDC drill clamp fits most 1200 rpm or larger cordless or A/C drills to make cutting with the Turboshear Model TS1 a one-handed operation. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, the rails of the TSDC Drill Clamp are easily attached to the TS1 and positioned and tightened over the body of a drill. Side-grips are also easily positioned on the rails so they do not cover drill vents. The TSDC Drill Clamp and TS1 TurboShear combination can be repositioned upside down as required for even greater maneuverability when cutting across a large expanse of material or through mild profiles.
Shaver Bit

Shaver Bit

Solid carbide tip for long life. 1/4 x 28 thread. Available in 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" body sizes.
Plate Nut Drill Jig

Plate Nut Drill Jig

Designed for accurate drilling of rivet holes for plate nuts. Flexible handle design to provide hand clearance when jig is in use. One style used for both one and two lug plate nuts.
12 Drill Bit #12 Wire Gauge

Drill Bits

Precision Drill Guide

Drill Guide

Easy and accurate way to drill any curved surface or tubing 1/2" to 2-1/2" in diameter. Guide is light and portable producing straight and true holes every time. Includes super hardened drill bushing for 3/16" and 1/4" holes for rivets and aircraft hardware.
Instrument Drill Jig

Instrument Drill Jig

Used for producing quick and accurate mounting holes for standard-sized aircraft instruments. Comes complete with locating circles for both 2-1/4 and 3-1/8" instruments. Drill jig is made of hardened steel for long life.
#21 Drill Stop

Drill Stop

Drill stops are used to control hole drilling depth. Their spring-loaded design cushions material breakthrough and their mar resistant ends protect the work surface from damage from the drill chuck. Installs by slipping over the drill bit and then tightening a set screw. Color coded for quick size identification
Threaded Shk Drill-2.5#10"

Threaded Drill

For use with drills, angle drill attachments, & rivet removal tools with 1/4-28 female threaded spindle. 1-1/4" length allows user to work in areas with extreme space limitations. Rivet removal tool (#RRT) requires 2-1/2" long drills. Made from HSS. Available in 5 wire gauge sizes.
Head Safetywire Drill Jig

Safety sire Drill Jig

Designed for drilling through heads of bolts and nuts up to 3/4" diameter. Use 3/64" drill bit part number CD364 sold separately.
Unibit#1 Step Drill 1/8-1/2",each


Drill Gauge-Wire Size

Drill Guage