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Drill Bits & Accessories

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3 Flute Countersink


Angle Drill Attachment 1/4-28

Angle Drill Attachment

Quickly connecting to any drill chuck makes a convenient, inexpensive close quarter tool. 1/4-28 female spindle thread. 1/4" capacity. Order male threaded shank drills separately.
Pilot Cutter 1/4-28 #21 100D

Pilot Cutters

Pilot cutters available in 100 or 120 degree in different sizes. Used with the ATS-133 countersink micro stop. NOTE: Cannot be used for steel - only aluminum and soft metals.
Hd Countersink Micro Stop

Countersink Micro Stop

Heavy Duty Countersink Micro-Stop. Fits any 1/4" chuck air or electrical drill. 1/4 x 28 female thread accepts rivet pilot. Cutter has fixed nose for cutting accuracy. 1/4 x 28 thread, use with pilot cutters ATS-100- or ATS-120- listed separately. NOTE: Cannot be used for steel - only aluminum and soft metals.
Shaver Bit

Shaver Bit

Solid carbide tip for long life. 1/4 x 28 thread. Available in 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" body sizes.
Plate Nut Drill Jig

Plate Nut Drill Jig

Designed for accurate drilling of rivet holes for plate nuts. Flexible handle design to provide hand clearance when jig is in use. One style used for both one and two lug plate nuts.
Precision Drill Guide

Drill Guide

Easy and accurate way to drill any curved surface or tubing 1/2" to 2-1/2" in diameter. Guide is light and portable producing straight and true holes every time. Includes super hardened drill bushing for 3/16" and 1/4" holes for rivets and aircraft hardware.
Adjustable Hole Cutter 2-12

Hole Cutter

HOLE CUTTTERS Cuts perfect holes from 2" to 12" diameter in 16 gauge metal and wood up to 1" thick. Ideal for inspection holes and instrument holes. Use an air or electric drill. Comes with cutter bit, replacements available, order ATS-CB.
Drill Gauge-Wire Size

Drill Guage

Bolt Head Drill Jig

Bolt Head Drill Jig

Designed for drilling through heads of bolts and nuts up to 3/4" diameter. Use 3/64" drill bit part number CD364 sold separately.
Center It V-Block Pipe Drill

Pipe Drill

Center It enables drilling pipe and other round objects. The V-block bolts to the drill press table and enables the drilling of round pieces parallel and centered. 7/16" groove with 118 degree angle lets you bottom drill bit to center v-block and bolt in place. V-block is 5" long X 4" wide X 1-3/4" high. The V-block lets you drill any sizes of pipe and wood dowels for many more perfect projects. The grooves on the outer sides eliminates slipage while holding pipes on tables, etc., for sawing pipe on job sites or other applications.
Instrument Drill Jig

Instrument Drill Jig

Used for producing quick and accurate mounting holes for standard-sized aircraft instruments. Comes complete with locating circles for both 2-1/4 and 3-1/8" instruments. Drill jig is made of hardened steel for long life.
Back Marker 10-32

Back Marker

Threaded Rivnut Back Marker

Threaded Rivnut Back Marker

Rivnut back markers are used in the same manner as the standard back markers, except they have threaded shanks and hexshaped heads for screwing them into rivnuts for hole marking purposes. Available in 2 sizes.
Counterbore 3/4 No Shaft


Blind Rivet Drill Attachment

Rivet Drill Attachment

This unique drill attachment easily converts any reversible 3/8" cordless (minimum 14.4V battery), electric, or pneumatic drill into an efficient blind rivet gun, ideal for small aircraft building/repair and other light/medium duty operations. Quickly attaches to drill in the same manner as any drill bit, with a capacity to set any standard 1/8-3/16" aluminum blind rivet. Includes 3 nosepieces: 1/8", 5/32", & 3/16".3/16MAX ALUM
Threaded Shk Drill-2.5#10"

Threaded Drill

For use with drills, angle drill attachments, & rivet removal tools with 1/4-28 female threaded spindle. 1-1/4" length allows user to work in areas with extreme space limitations. Rivet removal tool (#RRT) requires 2-1/2" long drills. Made from HSS. Available in 5 wire gauge sizes.

Blair Hole Cutter

Set contains 7 blades from 1/4" to 5/8" arbor, pilot and holder. Each blade will cut over 3,000 holes in sheet metal. New blades thread onto arbor easily and the adjusting screw makes minute depth control of cuts possible. Depth rod determines the distance the retracting pin can receded and thereby adjusts to the depth of cut. Fits any 1/4" drill.
DVD - Electrical Wiring 101 for your Homebuilt Aircraft

DVD - Electrical Wiring 101 for your Homebuilt Aircraft

Simplifies & demystifies the procedures used in working with homebuilt aircraft electrical wiring. Subjects include electrical design, required tools, choosing the correct wire & fuses/circuit breakers, making connections, switches, solenoids, etc. Designed for the beginner who is contemplating wiring their own aircraft. 1 hr 20 min.
Aircraft Turboshear

Aircraft Turboshear

The time-saving TURBOSHEAR Model No TS1 inserts directly into the chuck of a standard 1200 rpm A/C or cordless drill. It's that easy to convert your power drill to a power shear. This rugged but inexpensive accessory cuts straight and to the left and is capable of navigating tight curved patterns and squares in heavy 20-gauge steel. Blind cuts require only a 1/2" starting hole. Cutting applications include both ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metals, metal roofing/building panels, vinyl, steel mesh, ductwork, even the thick metal of furnace jackets, equipment enclosures or automotive body panels. An offset design keeps both hands away from work surface. Long wearing hardened jaws are also
Malco TSDC Drill Clamp Assembly

Turboshear Drill Clamp

The malco No. TSDC drill clamp fits most 1200 rpm or larger cordless or A/C drills to make cutting with the Turboshear Model TS1 a one-handed operation. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, the rails of the TSDC Drill Clamp are easily attached to the TS1 and positioned and tightened over the body of a drill. Side-grips are also easily positioned on the rails so they do not cover drill vents. The TSDC Drill Clamp and TS1 TurboShear combination can be repositioned upside down as required for even greater maneuverability when cutting across a large expanse of material or through mild profiles.
Unibit#1 Step Drill 1/8-1/2",each


12 Drill Bit #12 Wire Gauge

Drill Bits