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Baffle Materials

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Fiberglass Baffle Seall

Fiberglass Baffle Seal

Fiberglass reinforced for added strength, this high quality material withstands temperatures from -85 degrees to 500 degrees F. 3/32" thickness. Meets Fed Spec AMS33206-093 Sold as 9 ft roll, 36" x 38"sheet or by the foot.
Baffle Seal Silicone

Baffle Seal Silicone

Made of red silicone rubber, this material is superior to rubber baffle seal replacement material reinforced with asbestos or fiberglass. Silicone rubber has working temperature ranges of -120 degrees F to +500 degrees F and will last at least 30 years. Meets Federal Standard ZZR765 Class 2 Grade 60.
Baffle Seal T-8071

Baffle Seal

3" wide, 9' long. Nigencord, coated and cured in neoprene. 1/16" thick conforms to FSR 453 AMS 3783.
Baffle Fastener Kit

Baffle Fastener Kit

8/32" Male and Female Aluminum
Teflon Anti Chafe Tape

Teflon Anti-Chafe Tape

A pressure sensitive tape commonly used in aircraft as an anti-chafe tape, harness wrap, or anywhere good durability, heat resistance, insulating or lowfriction properties are required. Flame retardant. Operating temperature range: -100 to 500F. Meets MIL-I-23594C. Supplied in 1" x 18 yd rolls. Grey in color. Thickness 6.5 Mil.
Chafe Seal

Chafe Seal

Cotton material used where cowl overlaps airframe and around inspection doors. Not affected by cold, heat or chemicals.
Baffle Seal Repair Kit

Baffle Seal Repair Kit

Baffle Seal Repair Kit, This Convenient kit includes: Cowl Saver, Baffle Seal Material P/N CS085x3x108G. Baffle Seal Rivet Kit (P/N RIVET-KIT-2), Baffle Seal Retainer Strips (5 ea) P/N 6036.
Cowl Saver

Cowl Saver

Baffle Seal Friction Destroys Cowls and Cowl Fasteners. Typical silicone rubber baffle seals have a coefficient of friction among the highest of any know material. This friction transfers engine vibration into your cowl and cowl fasteners causing fatigue, cracking, chaffing and erosion. Cowl SaverTM Baffle Seal Material has 10 times Less Friction! One side is silicone and the other is the revolutionary friction free surface unique to the patent pending Cowl SaverTM. Cowl SaverTM dramatically reduces the friction between your cowl and baffle seals. Low Friction Saves You Money! Reduces transfer of damaging engine vibration to the engine cowl. Minimizes cowl chaffing and erosion from baffle seals Extends baffle seal life. Reduces ...

Baffle Seal Retainer Strip

Baffle Seal Retainer Strip, Use as a retainer for riveting baffle seals to baffles. 7/16 inch x 2 foot strips - Cut to desired length during installation, .050 inch thick 6061-T6 aluminum Corrosion resistant, Clamps better than washers or light gauge sheet metal, Economical.