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Aircraft Emergency

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Therma Blanket

Therma Blanket

The ThermaBlanket is a metalized polyester blanket designed for emergency use by anyone caught out in harsh conditions. By wrapping it around your body, it traps radiant heat, reducing convective & evaporative heat loss. Wind & water-resistant. Size: 4.5'x 7'. (Folded size: 3.75"W x 5"H x .75"D)
Lady John Female Urinal

Lady John Female Urinal

Little John's "Lady J" is a portable, unbreakable plastic urinary director designed for women. It solves the problems of restroom facilities that are either unsanitary, poorly maintained or just plain unavailable. The "Lady J," with its director spout, lets you get relief while standing by merely pressing it into place. This adapter also is ideal for women in the late stages of pregnancy, or are disabled. Recommended for use with the Little John portable urinal.
Little John Portable Urinal

Little John Portable Urinal

Keep this handheld urinal with you for emergencies on the trail or in the comfort of the tent on frigid nights. It has unbreakable plastic construction and a spill-proof cap. A zip-lock pouch included for an extra measure of protection.
Sic-Sac Air Sickness Bag

Sic-Sac Air Sickness Bag

Even veteran air travelers experience occasional motion sickness. If an upset stomach is anticipated, remove the plastic SIC-SAC from its subtle blue envelope, roll the top of the back over your finger tips. To seal the bag, tie a knot in the bag itself or tie it closed with the attached tie.
Fire Escape Hood

Fire Escape Hood

The iEvac Fire Escape Hood is the first, and only, smoke escape devise Certified to the ANSI/ISEA 110 American Standard. The iEvac Protects against: Toxic Gases: carbon monoxide, smoke, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, and more, Harmful Particulates: soot, fumes, aerosols, and others. Contains a HEPA filter that removes more than 99.996% of sub-micron particles such as anthrax, smallpox, and radioactive particles., Life- Threatening Physical Hazards: flammability and radiant heat. Features: Twin cartridges for easy breathing, Maintenance-free, High visibility reflective strips for easy recognition, For easy access - head harness adjusts, outside the hood Protects lungs, head, eyes, ...