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Aircraft Cables

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Control Cable


1 x 19 Non Flexible Cable
One strand of 19 wires. It has more metallic area than 7 x 7 or 7 x 19 cable which makes it the strongest but also the least flexible. Generally used for bracing purposes. Can be used for controls. VERY STIFF.
7 x 7 Flexible Control Cable
Seven strands of seven wires each. Used for control purposes where extreme flexibility is not required but where abrasion is a factor.
7 x 19 Extra Flexible Control Cable
Seven strands of 19 wires each. Its greater metallic area makes it stronger than 7 x 7 cable. Because of its fine wires, the best service is obtained with 7 x 19 wire where abrasion is not too severe. These same fine wires, however, make it the most flexible to ...

AN111 Cable Bushing

AN111 Cable Bushing

Made of cadmium plated steel. Used in same manner as AN 100 cable thimble.
Cable Connectors

Cable Connectors

Stronger, smaller & lighter than AN turnbuckles, ACC cable connectors are used in place of the longer turnbuckle assemblies, especially where accessibility is limited. 2 stainless steel allen screws & tube-nuts with interlocking threads, tightened in tandem, provide secure, non-loosening cable tension. Cable attachment may be made using AN111 cable bushings (anchored by 2-SS pins), MS20664C ball & single shanks, or a custom bracket. CNC machined from 7075 aluminum & anodized. Min length: 1.25" (hardware not incl)
Cable Fairleads

Cable Fairleads

Nylon construction for internal or external use. Made in two halves with circular wire retaining clip. Can be installed or removed with cable in position.
Control Cable Fairing

Control Cable Fairing

White plastic oval shaped fairing, makes neat, attractive entry for cable. 4-1/2" long, sold as a pair.
Rapide Link - Stainless

Rapide Link - Stainless

Made of 316L stainless steel, these links are used on parachutes, mountain climbers, hang gliders and powered parachutes. Each link is built to exacting standard then hand tested for alignment and ease of operation. Imported from France.
Spherical Grommets

Spherical Grommets

The SPHERICAL METAL GROMMET' is a plated steel bulkhead grommet offering superior firewall protection and cable & line clasping ability. The 2-pc eyeball clamp swivels up to 50° to allow for oblique, angled installations. It mounts on either side of the bulkhead using 4-40 screws (incl) or two 1/8" blind rivets (not incl). Template for fastener & grommet (1-1/8" OD) mounting holes incl. Grommet clamp hole may be easily enlarged up to .260 as needed. Back plate size: 2-1/6"x 1-7/16" STC approval pending. SE188S typical application for standard Bowden cables, SE260S typical application for standard tach cables.
Cable Tensionmeter

Cable Tension Meter

Range 15-70 Lbs in 1 lb increments. Cable sizes: 1/16" 3/32" & 1/8". Accuracy within +/-10 percent. This tool provides easy, direct reading, low cost, high quality and accuracy. It's designed compact as to fit through inspection holes. Factory calibrated.