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Stewart Systems

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EkoBond is a water based cement for Ceconite or Dacron EkoBond Cement is a water based cement developed to actually penetrate through the weave of the Ceconite or any Dacron fabric and encapsulate the threads of the fabric. This is the only aircraft fabric glue we have used that has actually held while the fabric tore while conducting pull tests. EkoBond is a thermal active material thus allowing it to be reactivated with heat. This can come in quite handy when dealing with stubborn tape edges. Because it is a water base product and has no foul smelling solvents (it actually has a sweet fruity smell) you can use it day in and day out with no ill effects. A big plus for those working in their homes


Stewart Systems EkoClean Heavy Duty Cleaner EkoClean is non-butyl, water soluble liquid detergent concentrated de-greaser and all purpose cleaner. It provides a triple effect for most cleaning. EkoClean uses a combination of detergents that work synergistically to remove dirt and grime. EkoClean attacks both petroleum and food greases aggressively. EkoClean contains a power ordor neutralizer. Use it diluted or full strength to clean polyester/dacron fabric, metal, and composites. EkoClean is nonhazardous and nonflammable. Use EkoClean before applying EkoEtch.


Stewart Systems EkoEtch Aluminum Etch EkoEtch is a high concentrate combination acid based detergent and de-greaser. EkoEtch removes scale, corrosion, light oil, processing fluids, and brightens aluminum. EkoEtch is non-hazardous, water reducible, and nonflammable. Use EkoEtch to prepare both new and old aluminum surfaces before applying AFS primer/sealer or EkoPrime primer/sealer.


Ultraviolet barrier and high build primer/filler EkoFill is a water base latex material mixed with flumed carbon. This combination not only makes a high build primer that remains extremely flexible, but also provides an excellent ultraviolet barrier for your fabric or composite surface. EkoFill is a perfect primer/filler over polyester fabric, glass cloth, gel coat, composite materials, etc. It has excellent adhesion to these surfaces and superior high build properties to fill in small imperfections or the weave of a fabric. It sands easily to an ultra smooth finish. Just perfect for Stewart Systems Waterborne Two-Part Polyurethane Topcoats. Probably the most important reason for using EkoFill is that it is a proven ultraviolet barrier for ...


Stewart Systems EkoPoxy Primer/Sealer is a high quality water based Epoxy primer for use on many substrates. Stewart Systems EkoPoxy can be used on interior and exterior surfaces where there is more chance of corrosion from the environment. Excellent adhesion to bare metals, resists flash rusting which can occur with latex based primers. Stewart Systems EkoPoxy has superior chemical resistance, is fast drying and mar resistant. Stewart Systems EkoPoxy is low in VOCs and compatible with a wide range of top coats including EkoPoly Top coat. Nonhazardous, nonflammable and water cleanup, Stewart Systems EkoPoxy is your best choice for Primer.


Stewart Systems Primer Sealer is a high quality, water-based single component primer, not requiring any catalyzing agent. Performance obtained is equal or superior to that of two-component, catalyzed epoxy systems. Primer Sealer offers good coverage, excellent durability, and ease of application, as well as being a low VOC and EPA compliant coating


EkoSeal is a water dispersible top coat, offering outstanding coverage, durability and ease of application. EkoSeal is a low VOC, EPA compliant coating. Use on wood spars and plywood before installation of fabric. Wood sealer is resistant to UV yellowing in exterior applications and is also available in a satin finish.


Stewart Systems EkoStrip is an environmentally safe paint stripper that can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on your painted surface. EkoStrip is not solvent borne and does not dry out and stop working overnight. In most cases the stripping action will take place in 2-4 hours. EkoStrip has no harsh odors, is not caustic and is biodegradable


A water-based product that eliminates rust by accomplishing two functions at the same time. First, rust is converted to ferric iron, a black organic compound. Second, a coating of clear acrylic is formed over the coated area. The surface that remains after the transformation can be either left black or coated with Stewart Systems wide range of products for the desired outcome. Product tests have shown that SS Conversion Coat has extended the life of equipment or products for several more years after probable replacement. SS Conversion Coat can be used on all rusted surfaces.


An Easy-To-Apply Glass-Like Finish With Many Incredible Protective Properties For Almost Any Aircraft Surface Youll be amazed at this sprayable, wipeable, dippable thin, clear liquid that cures to an almost impregnable coating. EverShield's protective properties boggle the mind. Examples: In tests it resists blow-torch heat (yes, blow-torch flame) above 2000°F It is impervious to virtually any chemical. It is excellent for hardness, flexibility, impact and scratch resistance, adhesion, and corrosion protection. It is unbelievably slick. On any aircraft, EverShield has applications from nose cone to tail cone. Wiped on a prop, this incredible film sheds bugs, pebbles, salt spray, whatever. On an exhaust, it seals the metal from ...


EkoPoly Premium (EPP) is an especially versatile high performance coating for metal, composite and fabric surfaces.  EPP provides a wet look glossy, flexible and durable top coat that retains its flexibility and gloss under the most adverse conditions. Resistant to fuels, oils and solvents, EPP will keep your airplane looking like new for years.

Ekocrylic 2 Part Acrylic Topcoat


EkoCrylic is a tough durable and easy to apply top coat paint designed for metal, wood, and composite surfaces.